CJ Hauser

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   The From-Aways, a novel


Published by WILLIAM MORROW 

"Two young women trying to find their places in the world settle in a small coastal town in Maine and discover purpose, friendship and acceptance...as events begin to spin out of control, debut novelist Hauser creates a palpable bond linking characters, readers, a community and a relevant political issue. Hauser's style is expressive, clever and compelling, and she offers readers a thoughtful and engaging debut."                     

                           - Kirkus Reviews

Hauser alternates first-person chapters between her two primary characters to build beautifully rounded characterizations of them and others and form a loving story centered on a place and its effect on its residents. This impressively crafted first novel is likely to leave readers wanting both a Maine lobster dinner and more from this author.                                                                                                      - Booklist

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